ATTENTION GIRLS: Know These Hidden Dangers Of Wearing A Bra When Sleeping


Some women want to wear a bra to bed because they think it feels more comfortable. However, while expert claims that wearing a bra when sleeping has adverse effects whether you have the right size or type of bra.

Tight fit and uncomfortable bras are not recommended for it has dangerous health effects. If you are using a tight bra with under wire, here are some of the most common health effects that you may face by wearing bra while sleeping.

* Reduce circulation

Blood circulation flow may slow if you are wearing a tight under wire bra during sleep. It is better to opt for a sports bra, which will be more comfortable.

* Pigmentation

Continuous use of bra will cause pigmentation in the portion where the elastic is tighter. In order to avoid this, use a soft and loose bra.

* Disturbed sleep

A good sleep has a direct relationship with your comfort level in bed. If you are wearing a tight bra, you will not be comfortable and this will certainly disturb your sleep.

* Restlessness

Avoid wearing a tight bra while sleeping for it will make you restless and discomfort during your sleep.

* Edema

If you are using tight bra routinely, it may cause lymphatic blockage. Due to this, many other signs associated with the blockage will be presented. This includes edema or fluid accumulation in the breasts. This is one of the serious health effects of wearing bra while sleeping.

* Skin irritation

Tight fitting bra will cause skin irritation. It is better to use bra without under wire. Wearing a sports bra is recommended to have necessary support on the breast.

* Sweating

Wearing a tight bra while sleeping, especially in the summer will make you sweat more than often. Generally fancy bras are the culprit in this case. Prefer a cotton bra than bra made of synthetic materials like polyester or linen.

* Cancer

There are different studies that propose and oppose the chance of developing breast cancer by the use of a tight fitting bra during the night.

* Non cancerous lumps

Cysts and lumps are noncancerous lumps of tissue that can be formed in any part of your body. Experts suggest that bra constriction causes inflammation and improper drainage resulting in benign lumps.

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