ATTENTION: Never Re-Heat These 7 Foods, They Could Put Your Family's Life In Danger


Research shows that reheating some of your favorite foods can be dangerous to your health, especially if they were stored incorrectly beforehand.

These seven foods, for instance, could give you food poisoning—or worse:

1. Spinach

Never warm up an already cooked spinach, eat it only once-right after its preparation. Spinach contains a high rate of nitrates, which turn into nitrites if you warm it up and that means that the spinach you wanted to eat now is carcinogenic for your body.

2. Celery

We use this vegetable mostly to prepare soups, but same as spinach it contains nitrates which means they will turn into nitrites and that would be bad for your health.

3. Beets

For vegetable like this containing nitrates it is a great thing, but not so is you warm it, since it can be harmful for your organism. Never re-heat beets because they will become destructive for the body.

4. Potato

If potatoes have been kept cold for day or two they surely lost their beneficial properties along with the dietary quality. In this case potatoes can be very harmful for the body.

5. Eggs

Re-heated boiled or fried eggs can be lethal if you expose them to very high temperatures and warm them.

6. Chicken

The protein composition in the common dinner staple actually changes when cold, refrigerated chicken is heated for the second time. This can actually cause digestive troubles, so if you'd prefer to reheat your meat, make sure that it's thoroughly cooked.

7. Mushrooms

In general, mushrooms, should be eaten and finished right after preparation. Proteins can deteriorate as soon as you cut them up, and that's bad news for your belly.

Always be careful what you heat, even if it is not one of the above mentioned foods.

Take a minute to think: Are you willing to take the risk and cause health problems to yourself and your family?

Source: Woman's Day