How To Tell If Someone Is Using Your Wi-Fi And What To Do To Prevent It


Nowadays, internet connection has a very high role in our everyday life. Almost all of us needs it to fulfill our needs and to stay connected to our family, work and friends.

Broadcasting your internet connection makes it easier for your friends and neighbors to have have free internet service as long as they know your router security password.

However, the downside about it that they could not only have free service but they can also gain access to the computers in the network, especially if it is a home network.

Worst of all, they can use your Wi-Fi for illegal purposes. In that case, being the owner of the wireless connection network you have to be aware of all the people connected to your network.

Here are some steps on how to know if somebody is secretly connecting with your Wi-Fi.

Using Router

1.) The first step you need to do is to access the admin control of your router. In the URL field, enter one of the following numbers based on the model of wireless router you use:

* – Belkin, Microsoft and SMC

* – Qwest (AKA CenturyLink), Netgear, DLink, Senao, Trendnet

* – Apple.

In my case I use because I’m using a Dlink router, if your router not included above, search on Google for your router name and include “default IP address” to find the correct information of your router.

If you configure your router before, enter your username and password if not, use the default username and password which you can find in the documentation or you can also Google search for the default username and password of your router.

2.) To view the device connected to your wireless network, after you login, click on the “Status” tab, then on the left part click the “Wireless” menu to reveal the list of all the devices connected.
If you are using different kind of router, you can use this method:

- Go to this link and download the free software

- Install the software, this software run only on Windows.

- After installing, run the software and click the scan button in the upper right part of the window to scan all the devices connected in the Wi-Fi.

- When the scanning finished, all of the connected devices will reveal.

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Source: Efren Nolasco's Blog