If These Lines Suddenly Appears On Your Skin, Go To Your Doctor Immediately Before It's Too Late


A desperate patient texted photos of a deadly rash spreading across her body to her mother as she lay dying on a hospital bed while being ignored by doctors.

They refused to believe she had blood poisoning caused by the meningitis bug, so they took her off antibiotics and gave her painkillers instead.

The meningitis bug left her in septic shock choking and coughing as fluid filled her lungs and she died four hours after her last text message - just 14 hours after arriving at hospital.

See how dangerous blood poisoning is?

Blood poisoning refers to the presence of bacteria in the blood (bacteremia) — and not a poisonous substance in the blood. However, bacteremia is a serious illness and requires prompt medical attention.

In most situations, blood poisoning happens when bacteria escapes from an infection and gets into the bloodstream. It may also happen due to a burn, infected incision after surgery, or a wound or cut.

Without proper treatment, the bacteria can spread to other areas such as heart valves or other tissues, or progress to severe sepsis and septic shock, which may be life-threatening.

If you gave any of the following signs and symptoms, see your doctor right away:

- fever
- chills and shivering
- headache,
- rapid breathing
- nausea
- vomiting
- diarrhea
- low blood pressure
- skin that feels cold
- clammy and/or pale
- delirium
- depression
- loss of consciousness.

Blood poisoning is an extremely scary disease but the good news is that there are precautions you can take to prevent it.

Make sure that you clean all wounds with an antiseptic solution and dress them properly to ensure that they do not get infected.

Treat all infections as soon as you notice symptoms, and if you have had surgery (medical or dental) follow all post-operative care instructions as carefully as possible and take the full course of all your prescribed medicine.

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