MUST READ: Woman Warns Credit Card Holders About The Newest Modus Involving Fake Bank Representative


A Facebook user took to social media her experienced with a fake bank representative attempted to copy their credit card..

Badette De Leon's husband received an SMS from an unknown number telling them that their current credit card from the Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) was blocked and that they need to upgrade to the premium one.

Puzzled, they called the landline number of the bank which was stated on the message to clarify things up. However, the two started to doubt the legitimacy of the said rep after hearing some unnecessary background noises from his end including a croaking chicken.

From their, they knew that the fake representative is just inside his house.

After ending the call, Badette's husband immediately called the bank and they were told to never give their credit card information as it's a new modus in an attempt to copy their card and to be used in in fraudulent activities.

"They said it's an attempt to copy our card so don't give any details and DON'T EVER GIVE YOUR CARD TO THEM ESPECIALLY THE LAST 3 DIGITS AT THE BACK," she warned.

Just hours after, the suspected fake representative went to their house and presented a letter for the upgrade. To end their conversation, her husband faked his signature and gave the letter back.

"After 2 hours, may nag doorbell na saying he's from BPI at may binibigay na letter for upgrade na pinapapapirmahan!! He just faked the signature para umalis na siya agad. Pero babalik daw para ibigay yung card namen," Badette added.

What Badette had experienced was a indeed a lesson  for all of us. Keep in mind to contact your bank first before dealing with someone else especially when it's your personal information that matters.

Check out Badette's post below:

Source: RachFeed