Student Warn Others About Ovarian Cancer Based On Her Very Own Experience - MUST READ!

A viral post of a Facebook user about her experience with a developing Ovarian Cancer is making rounds online.

Rachel Alcantara Lacia was utterly shocked after she found out she was carrying a coin-size cyst on her ovary which could later develop to Ovarian Cancer, the second deadliest cancer in women.

According to her, she was rushed to the hospital after vomiting non-stop and complaining of severe pain on her lower abdomen which she first thought was caused by Urinary Tract Infection.

However, when doctors examined her, she was told that it's not UTI nor a kidney failure. After her ultrasound arrived, doctors found out one of her ovaries was filled with water.

With further examinations, they later saw a 5.9 cm cyst inside it and pushed the operation to avoid it becoming worse.

As Rachel celebrates her second life, she shared her story via social media to warn other women to be more aware with their bodies. She emphasized that severe pain could be a sign of anything, including cancer.