TRENDING: Top 10 Free Online Courses Offered By TESDA This 2016 - MUST READ!


The employment competition in local and global scene is becoming more intense; in the same way that skilled workers are becoming more in demand today.

That's great news for Filipinos, since The Technical Education and Skills Authority(TESDA) has launched its latest free service – a NO TUITION FEE TRAINING, which will make it more accessible for every one to develop their technical and vocational skills with the help of the internet.

Here, we give you the top 10 in-demand and free online courses offered by TESDA.

1. Ship's Catering

A few months ago, valid reports claimed that one of the biggest cruise line will be hiring thousands of Filipinos to work for them. It's not too late for you to apply, though. So while waiting for the right time, enroll in this course to know the basic in catering on ships.

2. Microsoft Online Courses

Microsoft is a giant in computer world. Hence, it's a great way to learn about thier courses and possibly earn in the future.

3. Web Development Using HTML5 And CSS3

Only a few knows that developers and online programmers are among the highest paid workers in the world. So, it's time for you to gear up and join the club.

4. Animation (3D Digital)

Do you want be part of Pixar or Disney and worked in Hollywood? That dream could come true if you take the Animation course offered by TESDA.

5. Beauty Care (Nail Care)

A lot of women are into nail art these days and working on an exclusive salon could pay you more than enough for a simple mani-pedi.

6. Massage Therapy

These days, relaxation is already considered as luxury by some people especially the rich ones. So if you're a great massage therapist, you could help these people relaxed and feel better while also earning money in the process.

7. Cellphone Servicing

Who doesn't have cellphones these days? The best way to earn money with the help of these gadgets is by having knowledge on how to repair them.

8. Food And Beverage Servicing

A lot of fast food chains and restaurants are starting to emerge everywhere. What's a better way to earn money than to have skills in the field of service crew, right?

9. Cookery

If you dreamed of working in the food industry because of the high-paying salary, emroll in this course now.

10. Basic Computer Education

This course is very ideal for every one. Not all are blessed with resources on how to learn the basic inputs of a computer.

Visit the TESDA's website for more information about these courses. Again, all you need is your PC and internet connection and you're good to go.

Source: RachFeed