Woman Didn't Use Deodorant For 7 Days - You Wouldn't Believe What Happened Next!

The odor that a person produces when they sweat varies. Some people smell far worse when they sweat than others, while some barely smell at all. Note that since deodorant works by eliminating bacteria that causes odors, it does not affect how much a person will sweat.

A woman named Meg Zulch tried out a challenge to go out without using any sort of deodorant for 7 days in a row.

Though the challenge is tough with all the sweaty armpits and body odor at the end of the day, here is her experience anyhow:


The first day went pretty well for Meg. She was so self-conscious about the smell coming from her armpits that she was apologizing to people without them even pointing it out to her. For most of the time, people didn’t notice as it was not that bad.


Her body odor and armpit smell was so overpowering that people began to take notice. She tried lifting her hands in order to let air dry out some of the sweat and take away the odor, but it wasn’t helping. But she noticed one thing, her pores in the armpits didn’t feel clogged at all. They actually felt fresher.


Meg started to question what was wrong with her body odor which wasn’t emitting a pungent smell that overpowers a person. She actually felt sexy and confident despite knowing that her armpits were sweaty and releasing body odor.


Day 4 was a surprise to her as she didn’t find the body odor to be that pungent or noticeable. She also walked around the town and found that she didn’t sweat as much as she did when she wore a deodorant and that was a surprise for her.


The day started without any armpit smell and Meg was quite happy to begin her day to day activities. But the moment she stepped out in the heat and walked around the town for a while, she realized that her armpits became extremely damp due to sweat and started to smell. The smell became even more strong in the confines of the car and her mother had to tell her about the smell coming from her body and her armpits.


The day Meg almost used a deodorant on her armpits. She was hugely disappointed by what her mother told her the previous day about the sweat and smell coming from her body and armpits. Her mom, however told her about essential oils suggested her to use those in place of the deodorants in order to mask the smell from her armpits due to sweat.


She experienced that the smell of the oils was still there even after a day of applying them and her armpit pores felt as fresh as new skin. She decided that she will never use deodorant again and instead switch to essential oils.

Essential oils are organic and natural and do not contain any chemicals and do not cause any sort of harm to the body even when used in excess or continuously for a long time.

So better switch to essential oils rather than those chemical based deodorant and antiperspirant.

Source: Steth News