BEWARE! 9 Philippine Plants That Could Kill You In An Instant Once Eaten - MUST READ!


All plants contain some toxins as protection against predators.

In this list we are going to look at some plants that contain such high doses, of toxins to which humans are sensitive, that some can kill you in a matter of hours.

9: Buta-buta
* Worse Effects: Blindness

The other common name for the plant is the blinding tree. The tree bears a milky juice or latex that is scathing as it is filled with toxicity. A few drops can cause your skin to turn blisters and your eyes to lose its sight.

8: Talumpunay Tree / Cachubong
* Worse Effects: Hallucinations

This plant is common in open, waste places in and about settlements, throughout the Philippines. A GMA 7 documentary featured young boys doing a “session” using Cachubong. After inhaling the aroma of the burnt leaves, all hell broke loose and all of the boys acted with no decorum whatsoever hurting each other in the process.

7: Dieffenbachia
* Worse Effects: Damage to kidneys and stomach, diarrhea

Famously known as the dumbcane which can be seen in most households in the Philippines. Every portion of the plant harbor the needle-like calcium oxalate crystals. If by accident, the plant gets chewed, these crystals are released to the system of the unfortunate individual causing intense pain and painful swelling of the mouth.

6: Castor plants
* Worse Effects: Death

The plant has been the source of healing via the widely-used Castor oil. But you should stop dead on your tracks if you are handling this plant, it is so toxic it takes but 4-5 seeds to kill a full-grown adult. This is because of the toxin called ricin found throughout the plant. Once the seed is ingested is the burning sensation in the throat and mouth followed by diarrhea and vomiting.

5: Wolfsbane
* Worse Effects: Death

This plant is beautiful and you’ll see many selling it in the Philippines. But don’t let the beauty fool you. Wolfsbane contains large quantities of poison known as alkaloid pseudaconitine. This poison is so toxic. Once ingested, burning sensation in the limbs and abdomen follows. And if by any chance large doses have been consumed, death could follow in as little as 2-3 hours.

4: English Yew
* Worse Effects: Death

This is one of the most dangerous plants on Planet Earth. Many Philippine gardens have been adorned by this breed however, only the fruit of English Yew is non-toxic. Once ingested you will feel immediate muscle tremors, difficulty in breathing followed by convulsion.

3: Belladonna
* Worse Effects: Death

Ingestion of the fruit, especially of a young plant, is toxic. The whole of the plant is poisonous but it’s the berries that are most dangerous as they are naturally sweet and would attract children. As it is, 10-20 berries can kill a fully-grown adult but as small as 1 leaf – where poison is more concentrated – can kill a man. Symptoms may include: loss of voice, dry mouth, headaches, breathing difficulty, and convulsions.

2: Trompeta
* Worst Effects: Death

The flowers of this plant looks beautiful and many have been captivated by it alluring beauty. But behind the charming form lies a killer. Traditionally, the plant is utilized as a hallucinogen and intoxicant. Overdose of any of the alkaloids of this plant can lead to poisoning. Just to give you an idea, as little as 4 grams of the Trompeta leaves can be fatal to a young child.

1: Pong-pong
* Worst Effects: Death

Pong-pong, dubbed the ‘Suicide tree’ is native to many ASEAN countries, including the 2nd most populous state India. It’s endemic to coastal salt swamps and other marshy areas. It yields a potent poison that has been used for suicide or for the sinister kind, murder.

Source: Top Ten PH