FOR SMOKERS: Clear Out Your Lungs From Nicotine In 3 Days Using Lemon - Very Effective

Lung problems is one of the common cause of death by hundreds of people every year. As we all know, lung problem due to smoking or from second hand smoke.

If you already quit smoking, that’s a great news! If you’re planning on quitting, go for it.

Here are some healthy tips on how you can make your lungs clean in just 3 days!

- First, you need to stop eating dairy products because in only create more mucous when your body is trying to get rid of all of it.

- You should drink herbal tea before going to bed. It will relax you and it also helps to remove all the toxins in your body to keep you constipated.

- Next, you need to begin the process of re-hydration. Hydrating yourself allows your organs to work more efficiently and boosts your immune health.

- Before you have your first meal of the day, you need to drink lemon juice (2 lemons in 300 ml of water).

- You need to have a proper exercise. Work yourself up to some hiking, swimming, or running.

- Additionally drink some grapefruit juices or a pineapple juice. These juices are rich in antioxidants that will you enhance your breathing.

- It also important to drink at least 300 ml of carrot juice, it will help in alkalizing your blood during the process of cleansing.