GOOD NEWS: Filipinos Earning P 25,000/Month And Below Will Be Exempted From Taxes, According To Duterte


Are you earning below P 25,000 per month? President elect Rodrigo Duterte has news for you!

Recently, the President said that you will be exempted from paying taxes.

His reason behind the announcement?

"They can scarcely make a decent living, and they need to pay imposes still?" Duterte said which is accurate, since most of the workers's salaries are not enough to sustain their daily needs and yet they have to pay for the taxes.

The payment deducted from them would be a great help since they are just earning minimum wages.

Duterte's administration is focusing on the people itself rather than developing infrastructures. And, we can see that happening.

He also gave his opinion on the Metro Manila's railroad framework which gives a problem to the local people, he said "I attempt to close my eyes, I ponder internally, my city dislike this, not this terrible."

Indeed, President Duterte's clear intention to serve people, his country and protect the fellowmen made him famous and the reason behind on why Davao City is one of the secure urban communities.

Source: Inquirer