How To Lighten Deep Scars On The Face Using These 3 Ingredients


Everyone who has visible scars especially on the face becomes embarrassed when facing other people.

Technically speaking, the scar tissues is the tissue that replaces normal skin when the skin has been damaged beyond its first layer. It does not cause pain, but it is definitely a beauty concern for many and so people look for various options to get rid of it.

You can try some natural remedies to help fade and minimize scar tissue.

How to remove Newer Scar.

Calendula cream, which is high in flavonoids, helps strengthen skin. Use it along with vitamin E oil; its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties soften skin and promote healing.

Removing Stretch Marks.

Try an ayurvedic herb that offers antibiotic and wound-healing properties. Take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of a tincture daily, or 300 to 400 mgs a day in capsule form.

For prevention of Scar.

1. Manuka honey.
This honey has antibacterial properties which protect from infection of your wound – most important thing for preventing of scar forming. Because of the Vitamin C Manuka honey helps with faster rate of tissue regeneration and suppression of inflammation.

2. Aloe Vera
Applying Aloe Vera to a cut also works well when it comes to scar prevention; the allantoin in the aloe plant stimulates new cell growth.

3. Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is renowned for its anti-aging properties while promoting circulation and reducing stretch marks. Just take a tablespoon of cocoa butter and massage on the affected portion gently.

Bear in mind, results may vary from person to person depending on the depth and severity of the problem. Scar tissue also tends to fade naturally over a period of time.

Source: My Central Health