How To Stop Severe Bleeding In Just 10 Seconds Using This Powder You Can Find In Your Kitchen


There’s one trick that Native Americans have used for thousands of years to stop bleeding instantly and it is already proven effective.

They put Cayenne Pepper Powder on their wounds because it has a powerful substance that helps to stop the bleeding when you put it on a wound. It does a quick equalization of blood pressure and then the blood clothing starts.

Not only does cayenne help to stop bleeding quickly, it also disinfect the cut and removes all the potential infections.

How To Use Cayenne Pepper Powder

Put a little amount of cayenne pepper powder directly on the bleeding cut or wound. This should stop the bleeding in 10-15 seconds. However, this trick should only be used for small cuts and scrapes, while in case when there is a larger wound, you should put a large spoon of red pepper powder in a glass of warm water and drink it quickly.