If You Have These Two Moles, Be Careful Because One Of Them Is A Potential Cancer


Moles are a common skin growths that are usually brown or black in color Moles can appear anywhere on the skin, alone or in groups.

All of us have moles throughout the body and it’s very important to keep an eye on them. Every change on them or on our skin need to be immediately reported to dermatologists.

However, most of us ignore the warnings of experts and do not control the moles, or use adequate protection when exposed to sunlight.

Look carefully at the picture above. On it you can see two moles. Unfortunately, one of them is a time bomb, which is not known when and whether it will ever explode.

The right reddish mole more looks like a pimple can become malignant.

If you found out that you have this kind of moles, it is recommended to go to your dermatologist to prevent having any kind of health issues.