If You Suddenly Jerk Or Twitch In Your Sleep, This Is What It Means


Many people experience different unexpected body twitching while in their deepest sleep. Some experts says it is similar to falling from a great height. Even though the experiences differ from person to person, the common thing is that you woke up in distress.

Researchers have come up with different theories regarding this activity. This phenomenon is known as the ‘hypnic jerk.’

A hypnic jerk is an uncontrolled twitching of a muscles. They usually happen just as you’re falling asleep, during what’s known scientifically as the hypnagogic state of consciousness.

However, some theory says that the hypnic jerk is a visual perception of falling that people experience in their dreams just before they wake up. This can happen when the parts of the brain working dream creation might be trying to make sense of the sudden urge to wake up, and this results in a dream scenario being created.

Excessive caffeine or other stimulant intake, prior intense physical work or exercise, and emotional stress can increase the frequency and severity of sleep starts. That’s why health experts warn against drinking coffee hours before bed time can increase your chances of experiencing the phenomena.

Source: Super Tasty Recipes