Pork Siomai Is Not Good For Your Health According To Doc Willie Ong, Here's Why!


Siomai is one of the popular dimsum that Pinoys love and it has become one of the favorite street food.

Aside for being affordable, another reason why Filipinos love it is because you can eat it everywhere. However, little do we know that pork siomai could put our health at risk.

Dr. Willie Ong, a cardiologist and health columnist who provides loads of health-related pieces of advice via social media, claimed that we should put it in moderate when it comes to consuming siomai.

According to him, four pieces of steamed pork siomai already contains 400 calories, which is like one full meal already. Meanwhile, its fried version has 600 calories.

He also said that this kind of siomai contains 30% pork fat, to make it soft and tasty. The rest is ground pork and extenders. So if you are prone to hypertension, better avoid this food.

Furthermore, Dr. Ong warned those people who eats pork siomai together with rice, saying that its a big NO-NO. Two pieces of siomai is already equivalent to one cup of rice. So that means, you're flooding your body with a lot of calories which could cause hypertension.

Source: Steth News