This Simple Test Will Tell You When You Will Die. Do You Dare Try It?

Have you ever wondered how long you'll live? Are you in danger of dying prematurely, or will you live to a ripe old age, surrounded by great-great grandchildren?

Well, a Brazilian team of doctors led by Claudio Gil Araujo has developed a simple test that gives a good indication of how fit someone really is. It is very simple and it requires no equipment or skill to do this test.

A study has shown that those who perform poorly on the test have a higher mortality rate than those who complete it easily. Where do you fit on the scale and what could that mean for your potential longevity?

The Sitting-Rising Test 

- With your hands straight in front of you lower yourself to the floor without using your hands or knees. Then sit on the floor with your legs crossed.

- Now try to rise up from the ground without using your arms again, only your legs.

The test looks at a person’s ability to sit down and stand up without any help. The maximum score is 10, 5 points for sitting to the ground without assistance, and 5 for getting up again without holding onto anything.

You will lose 1 point each time you used your hand, knee, forearm and 0.5 is subtracted each time there is a loss of balance.

The outcome of the number you get on your score could indicate how healthy you are and also how long you might live for.
  • Good = 8-10
  • Fair = 3.5-7.5
  • Poor = 0-3
Warning: People with arthritis and joint problems shouldn't try this.

To see how the actual exercise is done, watch the video here.