This Oil Destroys 90% Of Lung Cancer Cells - MUST READ!


Nowadays, lung cancer is known as one of the most deadly disease. It is the growth of abnormal cells in the lungs, usually in the cells that line the air passages.

According to different studies, parsley is powerful and very effective to fight against lung cancer. It is said that parsley can destroy up to 86% of the cancer cells.

Parsley contains apigenin that can strengthen the immune system. However, parsley also contains many minerals and vitamins that eliminate colds, infections and flu.

These are the easy steps on how you can make your Tea Parsley:

1. Chop 15 grams of parsley root and pour 200 ml boiled water.

2. Boil it again for another 5 minutes.

3. Cover the tea and leave it to cool for another 15 minutes then strain the tea and enjoy.

You can drink this Tea Parsley 3 times a day.

Source: Minion Scoop