Unbelievable Drink That Allows You To Lose 5 Pounds In Just 5 Days


Nowadays, many people are interested in dropping a little weight. This is very true if you have special occasion coming up and you wanted to look sexier.

Here’s one method that will surely help you lose 5 pounds in just 5 days. It is very easy to prepare and also made of natural food items, so it is not aimed at taking your money.


- A bunch of parsley, which is typically two ounces or 60 grams.
- One lemon
- One cup of water


1. Use a blender to dice the parsley to make sure it is finely chopped.
2. Take all the juice from the lemon
3. Place the juice from lemon in blender on top of the diced parsley
4. Add water
5. Blend

Follow these instructions to make sure that this drink works magical as we say:

- When you woke up drink this in the morning. It will be the first thing that you’ll consume.
- Drink this five days continuously, don’t skip a day.
- Once you have reached the fifth day, stop for 10 days and resume if you need to lose more weight.

This amazing drink can burn calories without depriving the body. Its ingredients are helping to improve digestion and reduction of bloating.

Source: Steth News