Watch: These Babies Are Addicted To Drugs Since They Were Born, HERE'S WHY!


Opioids is primarily used to relieve the pain. They are also known as narcotics and also used to restrain cough and diarrhea.

Millions of people is using this hence of them being dependent and addicted with this type of drugs.

During pregnancy, when the mother is dependent and hook in opioids the baby will possibly have the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, a hyperactivity of the central and autonomic nervous system.

Some babies were born dependent to drugs but they soon recovered and discharged from the hospital. They were sent home to their loved ones to be cared for.

The problem is not the babies who are drug dependent but the people who are still infested by drugs when they are supposed to take care of them.

So, let’s stop this epidemic from growing and taking the lives of innocent babies.

Source: AJ Plus