WARNING: Most of Us Drink This Everyday, But We Didn't Know That It Causes BREAST CANCER!

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Although some types of breast cancer are curable - especially in the early stages - treatment can be long and difficult.

Some breast cancers are less curable, especially once they spread to other body parts.

According to a study, women diagnosed with breast cancer who consumed a diet rich in full-fat dairy have an increased risk of dying compared to women diagnosed with breast cancer but consuming a diet rich in low-fat dairy.

The growth of breast cells is stimulated by the hormone estrogen, and this includes the growth of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer. Estrogen is produced and stored in fat cells.

That’s why it’s advisable for women diagnosed with breast cancer to consume less full-fat dairy products and more low-fat ones, and this is especially important for those with hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.

Here are the full-fat products the study included:

  • whole milk
  • condensed or evaporated milk
  • pudding
  • ice cream
  • custard
  • flan
  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • butter

Even though these results are quite shocking we need to consider a few other things before we jump into conclusions.

Here are just a few advice they should follow in order to improve their overall state:

  • start a healthy eating regimen, eliminating processed foods and sugar
  • eliminate alcohol
  • balance your body weight
  • work out regularly
  • quit smoking
  • take all the medications your doctors prescribed in order to prevent re occurrence.