Don't Consume Garlic If You Have Any of This Conditions - It's Very Dangerous!

Numerous studies have found that the active compound in garlic called allicin uses the same mechanism as ACE inhibitors which lower high blood pressure.

Garlic is also effective in lowering your cholesterol level and boosting your immune system. As well as reducing the risk of catching flu or common cold. 

Unfortunately, if you have one of these conditions, you should not consume garlic because it may lead to serious health problems and complications. 

1. Garlic is a natural anticoagulant, which means that it’s excellent for treating circulation problems because it makes the blood more fluid. Garlic also helps in preventing clots which may lead to heart attacks, thrombosis and stroke. However, it’s not recommended to use it with other anticoagulant drugs because it can cause unnecessary bleeding.

2. Don’t consume garlic if you are suffering from any condition that requires prescription drugs. You should consult with your doctor first before consuming garlic as this enhance the effects of drugs causing more problems.

3. If you have liver problems – garlic may decrease the effectiveness of the medications taken for liver issues. Almost all medications, especially birth control medications, can have adverse interactions with garlic in any form.

4. If you have sensitive stomach – garlic can be heavy on the digestive system so if you have an easily irritable GI tract, garlic can only irritate you and make the matters worse. It may also cause some gastrointestinal counter indications when eaten with stomach medications.

5. Moderate amounts of raw garlic are safe during a pregnancy or periods of breastfeeding. However, taking garlic as a remedy during this time is not advisable.

6. If your blood pressure is within the normal ranges or tipping to the lower border, consuming garlic may lower it and cause health complications. You should try to consume it from time to time but in moderate amounts.