WATCH: How to Save a Choking Baby In Less Than 3 Minutes Before it Becomes Critical


Babies are naturally curious and it is common for them to put almost everything that can fit into their mouths. Sometimes this incident can lead to choking.

Therefore, you must learn the simple steps on how to save a chocking baby so that you can be ready in case this unfortunate incident  may happen.

Step 1: Assess the situation

- If you notice your baby is making strange noises (wheezing, gagging, or choking/coughing sounds) when he opens his mouth, his breathing may be partially impeded by a foreign object.
 -If your baby is getting quiet even though his mouth is open, and his face is getting red or purple, his breathing is completely obstructed by a foreign object.
- If your baby starts crying excessively it can reject the object by coughing. But if his coughing is not very strong and it sounds as if he’s chocking, you need to help him discard the object which is obstructing his breathing.

Step 2: Try to remove the object which is causing the obstruction

 * Hitting on the back

- Put your forearm on the thigh, with your palm directed upwards in sitting position.
- Lay the baby face-down along your forearm, so his belly is along your arm, and support his jaw with your hand.
- Now you should hit the baby in the back 5 times, do not be afraid to hit it a little bit harder if necessary.

 * Apply abdominal pressure

- Make sure that the head is lower that the body.
- Use your free hand and place two fingers on the center of the chest just below the baby’s nipples.
- Apply pressure around 4 cm in dept and repeat this movement 5 times.
- Repeat this procedure 5 times, until the object is removed.

Step 3: If dislodging attempts fail, initiate CPR

- Check the baby if he have any injuries or bleeding.
- If the baby is bleeding, CPR must not be performed until the flow of blood has been staunched by applying pressure.
- Check for consciousness by tapping on the baby’s foot.
- Check the mouth and throat if there’s a foreign object. If you see one, attempt to clear it by using a finger.
- If the baby is unresponsive, initiate CPR until help arrives.

The video below will guide you on how to successfully perform CPR on a baby.

Source: Healthy And Natural World